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Kristi Pierson
3520 Holiday Drive, Suite A
New Orleans, LA 70114

The Highlands offers a new style of living that rises above the ordinary.

A real neighborhood constitutes more than just a collection of homes. Life is delightful at any of the communities located within The Highlands -- everything you need to create that real neighborhood right in your own backyard.

Not only can you provide your children every educational opportunity in area schools and programs but you will have access to active amenities to inspire both fitness and imagination.

This is a special community created to cater to the lifestyle of every resident -- both golfer and non-golfer alike. Everyone will be able to enjoy world class amenities at The Highlands of Santa Maria. Whatever you choose there is no limit of things to do, people to meet, or places to gather at The Highlands.


The Highlands of Santa Maria selected as
2005 Best New Residential Community
by the Baton Rouge Growth Coalition

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